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A quick listing of the Saturday Morning Cartoon Reviews that I’ve done in reverse chronological order.  Come back to Toonopolis, The Blog every Saturday for a new review.  Feel free to use the Contact Form to put in requests.

05/27/17: Steven Universe: 5/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“On its surface, the show is a quick-hit adventure story with splashes of humor added. Underneath, it’s a touching story that hits sweet notes ranging from LGBT acceptance, parental sacrifice, and immigrants adopting a new environment and calling it home.”

11/5/11: Young Justice: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“Miss Martian is voiced by Danica McKellar.  If you are under the age of 20 or so, this may mean nothing to you.  If you are a Gen X/Gen Y member like myself, I just have two words for you: Winnie Cooper.  Look it up, youngsters.”

10/29/11: The Amazing World of Gumball: 2/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“The more successful shows are starting to develop stronger characters that are more three-dimensional.  None of the characters in Gumball have demonstrated that they are going to grow beyond the throw-away character designs that the creator had when he tossed them into a big crock-pot and came up with this show.”

10/22/11: The Penguins of Madagascar: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“As with many spinoffs, the expectation is usually pretty low to begin with.  Oftentimes, it’s just a quick grab by the producers to capitalize on the success of their box office hits.  Most of the time, the result is a low-budget crapfest that only last a single season (if we’re lucky).”

10/15/11: The Super Hero Squad Show: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“Some comic aficionados might get turned off by the character designs, but I was so excited to see Marvel break out this nod to a form of Japanese animation called super-deformed or chibi.  I think it works very well for a show that is designed for the 10 and under crowd.”

10/08/11: Voltron Force: 4.5/5 Giant Cartoon mallets
“The first thing I noticed when I started looking into Voltron Force for this review was that my initial assessment on the cartoon was wrong: it’s not a reboot of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.  The events of Voltron Force begin a few years after the ending of the original series from the 1980s, where King Lotor was defeated.  This has the potential to be pretty cool… a sequel, not a reboot.”

10/01/11: Johnny Test: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“Much like my own writing with Toonopolis, the pop culture parody drives the comedic elements and each show still manages to have subtle messages and occasional lessons (of course, Johnny rarely truly learns his lesson, even with comeuppance).”

09/24/11: Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil: 2/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“My initial feel for this show was not a positive one.  The name of the show itself screams, “Look at me because I made a funny word that sounds like a bad word!”  To find out that this is actually the name of the title character does not help any.”

09/17/11: Thundercats (reboot): 6/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“It is a prime example of how a reboot can end up light years better than the original, so long as we are willing to take off the rose-colored nostalgia glasses and enjoy things for what they are… not what we think they were.”

09/10/11: T.U.F.F. Puppy: 2/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“I’m not going to say that some of the visual gags don’t make me chuckle here and there, but I am surprised that the show even got picked up for another season.  Maybe I’m over-analyzing the derivative nature of the show or maybe I’ve just watched way too many cartoons that I even see how derivative it is.”

09/03/11: Regular Show: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“In one of the first episodes, they even broke out a classic 80′s-style montage to Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend.”  It doesn’t get any better than that!  (Or worse, depending on how big a fan you are of 80′s-style montages.)”

08/27/11: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: 5/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“Most little girl shows seem to be focused more on the merchandising associated with the show.  The cartoon itself usually just serves as a star vehicle for the toys, games, clothing, and other paraphernalia associated with the show.”

08/20/11: Generator Rex: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“This is definitely a show more designed for the 10+ crowd and for them it is fantastic.  I look forward to the story as it progresses and highly recommend it, especially for fans of dystopian sci-fi that is grounded (somewhat) in believability.”

08/13/11: Jake and the Never Land Pirates: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“I can accept Hook being a little bumbling (the antagonist in these shows needs to be) but it’s hard to accept child pirates in Neverland.  It’s borderline blasphemous.”

08/06/11: Fanboy & Chum Chum: 2/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“I went into Fanboy & Chum Chum expecting happy things.  A comic book world parody was something that seemed original and unique, like shades of Freakazoid revisited.”

07/30/11: Phineas & Ferb: 5/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“I will just come right out and say that I think Phineas and Ferb is probably the best cartoon on television these days, hands down.  No sense in waiting until the end to let the cat out of that bag.”

07/23/11: The Looney Tunes Show (reboot): 3/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“These folks are working with the concept of taking some of the most classic of cartoon characters, dusting them off, modernizing them, and not screwing up their legacy.  This show has an air of a once-legendary athlete trying to make a come back way past his prime.”

07/16/11: Adventure Time: 4/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“I have to say that when Cartoon Network was first advertising this show, I had very low expectations. The animation reminded me of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, which was a really awful show in my opinion, but I was happy to find out that the humor and story-telling style was different.”

07/09/11: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: 5/5 Giant Cartoon Mallets
“Considering there have already been a ton of iterations of this show in varying degrees of success, ranging from great (the original, the 2002 Live Action adaptation, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo) to horrible (anything involving Scrappy Doo), it is understandable to be a little leery to find out they planned on rebooting the entire series.”



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  1. These are one of my fav cartoons, the way they represented this is beyond this world.

      • joshua on March 14, 2021 at 10:15 pm
      • Reply

      popeye is my fav

    • joshua on March 14, 2021 at 10:14 pm
    • Reply

    you also need to rate metv’s Saturday morning cartoons

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