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Old School Wednesday Reviews

A quick listing of the Old School Wednesday Cartoon Reviews that have appeared here by guest bloggers.  In contrast to th Saturday Morning Cartoon Reviews (which are current shows), these reviews are for older, classic (or sometimes not-so-classic) cartoons.  Come back to Toonopolis, The Blog on Wednesdays for a new review.  Feel free to use the Contact Form if you would like to do a review!


Completed Reviews:

11/23/11: X-Men Animated Series by @ShermanSmalley
“Overall, this was one of the great cartoons of the 90s and I’ll never forget the mornings spent making sure I was awake in time, with a big bowl of cereal watching it with my brother, cheering the team on, and always curious to see what the villains were doing.”

11/16/11: Earthworm Jim by @cursethedark
Earthworm Jim started life as a video game character for the Sega Genesis in 1994. The platformer gained popularity thanks to its gameplay, art style, weird sense of humor, and its success translated into ports to other gaming systems, a few sequels, and an animated series on Kids WB. Which is convenient, since this is a blog about cartoons.”

11/9/11: A Pup Named Scooby-Doo by @toonopolis
“Since it was a parody, the writers were able to go over-the-top with every episode without restricting themselves to concepts of realism that sometimes made the other Scooby-Doo shows hard to swallow (not that it ever stopped any of the previous writers from somehow giving every villain the advanced animatronics, holograms, or puppetry skills to create insanely unrealistic monsters, ghosts, and other baddies).”

11/2/11: Robotech by @romancingAlix
“Rick Hunter originated as Hikaru Ichiyo from the Japanese anime The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and it is the appropriation of the Japanese anime that still has Robotech and anime fans in tense disagreements. Carl Macek produced Robotech by cutting and pasting three separate Japenese series together, Macross, Southern Cross & Mospaeda. He re-scripted it, had it dubbed with an American voice cast and packaged it for the Western market.”

10/26/11: Voltron: Defender of the Universe by Cheetoy
“Even the Robeasts are a hoot.  Each one looked like it came out of Madonna’s or Lady GaGa’s closet and swiped the cone bra.  If Haggar was a real person, you can guess she would be making their clothes.”

10/19/11: The Transformers by @GeorgeSirois
“As I was watching television, I suddenly saw a commercial for a new toy line from Hasbro. They were like the GoBots, but there was something different about them, more complex and, dare I say, more mature. They looked like 3-dimensional puzzles, with so many steps to take the toy from plane or car or tape recorder or truck or pistol to robot. I was intrigued. What were these? And how much would these cost?”

10/12/11: Animaniacs by @MrsDenAsaan
“The phrase ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’ I feel really applies to Animaniacs. I have never since seen a show that makes burping the Star Spangled Banner hilarious or even one that is willing to rewrite the HMS Pinafore and make it even more entertaining than the original.”

10/05/11: She-Ra: Princess of Power by @natashalarry
“I remember being relieved when the industry wised up and decided to create a character aimed primarily at a young female audience. I mean, He-Man is “fabulous” in his tight little shorts, but nothing beats a Princess that can kick your butt. Not to mention that sword that comes only in one color: bitchin’.”

09/28/11: Adventures of the Gummi Bears by @MyEclecticBook
“To this day, the whole idea of Gummi Berry Juice is cool..who wouldn’t want to bounce around without the aid of a trampline?!”

09/21/11: Gargoyles by @PavartiKTyler
“Goliath and Elisa should give a seminar.  They could call it ‘Different Species, Same Mission’ and they could invite the Palestinians and Israeli’s; Blacks and Whites, Michelle Bachman and sane people!  What a difference they could make!”

09/14/11: The Pirates of Dark Water by @ripitgood
“It was so refreshing at the time to watch a show that had a clear beginning and end, which is why it’s so frustrating that it never got a chance to end, and no scripts were ever released. ”

09/07/11: Thundarr the Barbarian by @bennuwright
“One of the most pleasing aspects of this outstanding bit of entertainment had to be that it didn’t insult the intelligence of the audience. Whether the heroes were liberating the jungles of Manhattan or battling in the desert of St. Louis, they did it with a well-written script that offered smart content fit for any age and set to a stirring soundtrack.”

08/31/11: Jem & The Holograms by @shells48
“Given when girls were young back in the 80′s, there wasn’t many cartoons there that had lead female characters they could have as a role model. Jem and Jessica Benton provided a situation in each episode to teach the kids about some kind of lesson.”

08/24/11: Cardcaptors by @SheenahFreitas
“In short: Cardcaptors didn’t stand a chance of surviving because it was a girl show that was trying to be packaged as a show with tons of testosterone.”

08/17/11: Dungeons & Dragons by @JohnI73
“Several months ago, while browsing the aisles of the video section of a book store I came across an 80s cartoon that I hadn’t thought of in years.  Before me was a box set of the entire Dungeons & Dragons series.”


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