2019 Mid-Year Review!

I just realized I haven’t posted anything on my blog in a while so I figured I’d throw out a “halfway through 2019” update for anyone who cares! 😀

This year has been pretty exciting so far. To date, I have had nine events where I got to meet readers, sell books, network with people like librarians, teachers, fellow authors, artists, comic writers, and more! It’s been a bit tiring of a run (I was hoping to do one event a month this year, but some opportunities came up that I couldn’t pass on!).

Whether they were small local events like the Hilton Art Walk in Newport News, VA or Artapalooza at Jerry’s Artarama in Virginia Beach or larger conventions like Tidewater Comicon in VA Beach or HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC, they all had their own appeal and wonder. I’ve had a fantastic year for in-person sales and it has been very encouraging for me to keep going. As of right now, I have 4 more events scheduled to close out 2019 (although who knows what else might pop up).

On the project front, I started out this year with a short story in MarsCon’s charity anthology Fae Thee Well, released the second Tales from Toonopolis novella, Misanthrope Beechworth & The Dustwaste Wellspring, and compiled the first collection of Tales from Toonopolis short stories and novellas for print! I have one short story submission out (starring G & Z from Toonopolis: Chi Lin) and am working on another short story (about the Ninja-Pirate War), a novella (Hannah’s Quest for RNGesus), and the third Toonopolis Files Book (Toonopolis: Zephyr).

In addition to the writing, I am actively working on finding a narrator for the first audiobook I’ll be putting out, the first Tales from Toonopolis novella, Anchihiiroo – Origin of an Antihero. Toonopolis: Gemini is also in the pipeline for audio and the narrator is already lined up. I am also working on adapting some of my Toonopolis works into comic book format. I’ve met with some artists and am waiting some feedback from them and may be able to pitch it soon (I have a publisher potentially lined up, provided I can get the pages to submit together!).

I started Toonopolis the Wiki to keep track of many facets of my Toonopolis world (characters, sections, publications) and am still working on populating all the data there. I may even be able to start up a bit of a webcomic with another artist friend (also starring G & Z) and so much more in the works! 2019 has been a fantastic year for me so far on pretty much every level of the business and I can only expect things to get even better as momentum continues to build. I hope you join me on this journey!



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