Fae Thee Well

Title: Fae Thee Well
Published by: DreamPunk Press
Release Date: January 18, 2019
Contributors: Jeremy Rodden, Travis I. Sivart, Andrew Hiller, Pamela K. Kinney, C. H. Williams, Ella Rite, Luna Nyx Frost, P. A. O'Neil, Joseph R. Kennedy, Emberly Summers, Allison Norfolk, A. I. Mychalus, V. Szulc, Thomas B. deMayo, I. Mira, E. C. Hibbs
Genre: ,
Pages: 258
ISBN13: 978-1938215377

A compilation of fairy stories and poems from authors and poets who spread their wings 'round the globe to wind your imagination into magical tales rooted in both familiar and exotic. These stories explore the many facets of mythic creatures, from the ethereal and majestic to the urban and everyday. Delve in and find your new favorite artist.

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