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Guest Blogs/Interviews

This page is a collection of my guest blogs and interviews that have appeared on other blogs on the Internet.  I have listed them in reverse chronological order for ease of navigation.  Anyone who would be interested in having me write a piece for their blog or interview me, please use the Contact Form.  Thanks!

Guest Blogs
05/04/15: Pavarti K. Tyler–Pavarti Tyler–”Religion in Fantasy Fiction & The Clockmaker God
04/09/15: The Bookshine Bandit–Hazel Butler–”How To Succeed *Asterisk* at Comedic Fiction Without Even Trying [written blog] [video blog]”
04/13/12: The Art & Craft of Writing Creatively–Terri Giuliano Long–”Self-Publishing – It’s The American Way
03/21/12: Authors To Watch–Tricia Drammeh–”The Great Escape” (I was one of 10 authors asked the question, “Why Do I Write Fantasy?”
02/16/12: Terri Giuliano Long–”For The Love of Love-Compassionate & Family Love” (I shared my take on parental/fatherly love.)
10/20/11: Elena Gray–Elena Gray–“Help! I See Dead People!” (This was part of the Indie Book Collective’s Masquerade Blog Tour.  I was ‘hidden’ on Elena’s blog.)
09/21/11: Kick Ass Heroines–Beth Barany–“Kick Ass Heroines Rock
08/02/11: Your Need To Read–Indie Book Collective–“Guest Post with Jeremy Rodden” (Nostalgia, Rebooted Cartoons, Etc.)
06/28/11: Vandalism of Words–Derek Haines–“What Is A Portmanteau?

02/06/12: Kate Jack (“Interview with Jeremy Rodden“)
11/21/11: Wild About Reading (“Interview with Jeremy Rodden, Author of Toonopolis: Gemini“)
10/27/11: Mhairi Simpson (“The Author/Human Interview – Jeremy Rodden (Toonopolis)“)
10/22/11: School of Ages (“Indie Writer Interview – Jeremy Rodden, Comic Dispenser“)
10/20/11: Bookworm Castle (“Blog & Author Kidnapped? Masquerade Tour: Review of Toonopolis & Interview with Author“)
10/11/11: Hampton Reviews (“Welcome Jeremy Rodden“)
09/27/11: Back of the Book Reviews (“Day 27: September Extravaganza, Interview with Jeremy Rodden“)
08/01/11: Beyond Worlds (“Welcome Jeremy Rodden!“)
06/29/11: The Salton Sea Chronicles (“A Conversation With Author Jeremy Rodden“)
06/19/11: Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy (“Interview and GIVEAWAY with Jeremy Rodden–Author of Toonopolis: Gemini“)
05/20/11: The Adrenaline Vault (“A chat with Toonopolis author Jeremy Rodden“)



  1. dom


    My name’s Dom and I regularly do guest blog posts for blog owners who allow it. I noticed your site currently offers this, and hope this is still the case. I can write about a variety of subjects, but seeing as your blog has a lot of content relating to toons I would be more than happy to write something about ‘Ben 10’ or a review on one of my favourite films: ‘Spirited Away’. Please let me know if this is of interest.
    I would provide this of course free of charge, and all I would request is a link back to my site: http://www.billandbenthecartoonmen.com

    Look forward to hearing back from you,


    1. Jeremy

      I sent you an email. Sorry, your post got caught by my spam filter. Hope you’re still interested in a guest blog. Your caricature site looks awesome. 🙂

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