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Review Policy/Rating System

Review Policy (Updated 5/9/17)

First and foremost, let me remind you that this part of my blog is designed for an explicit purpose of highlighting middle grade/young adult books that may appeal to boys. See my Reviews page for further explanation of that concept.

Aside from that, I do not have very many limitations as to what I will accept (at this time, that could very well change depending on the success/busy-ness of this blog). I am personally a fan of fantasy and scifi because I’m a big geeknerd, but I am not opposed to exploring other avenues if it means I can highlight a book that meets my goals.

Special note: as an author-publisher myself, I *especially* am interested in helping add reach to small press/independent/self-published (or author-publisher, as I like to say [phrase stolen from Chuck Wendig]) books. I feel there are so many good stories out there that go missing due to a lack of market that I’d love to highlight them and contribute in my small way.

I accept print/ebook/audio/carrier pigeon formats. If a book is already published, that is great. If it is an ARC, that is also okay (and willing to contribute to launch/giveaway events). I’m not looking to do any beta reading at this time so please ensure I am getting a published or about-to-be-published work.

If you would like to suggest a book (yes, even if you are the author), feel free to use my Contact Form or email me at jeremyrodden(at)hotmail(dot)com with any pertinent details.

Ratings System

The ratings on this page are adapted from my cartoon reviews (a rating from one to five giant cartoon mallets). In this case, it’s quite simple: ultimately, this is equivalent to the one to five star reviews more commonly done but, you know, Toonopolis has to have its own unique spin on things. More mallets = more love for the book.

As for the actual format of my reviews, I will showcase the cover, the blurb, any purchase links, and any other pertinent information in addition to my review. I will start each review with a section labeled “Why I Think Boys May Enjoy¬†This” considering the theme of my book reviews is ‘books for boys’ in the first place. Then I will discuss briefly the content appropriateness (eg, age recommendation and any content warnings [without spoilers]), then close out with my rating. I don’t intend on getting too in depth with my analysis and really am focused on the enjoyability (not a word, but it is now) of the story.