Adventures of the Gummi Bears (A Review)

Today’s Old School Wednesday Review comes from Miranda.

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As I sat down to ponder what cartoon to write about I decided to skim through the Toonopolis blog. I will admit I am not a cartoon afficianado like Jeremy, but I can remember a few cartoons I always looked forward to watching.

One such cartoon is He-Man, yes I know it was considered a boy’s cartoon when I was growing up, but I gotta admit that I wanted my very own Cringer. I mean who wouldn’t, he was so loveable and cute and then when he became Battle Cat he was cool as all get out. Yup in my own little world I had a Battle Cat and everyone parted when we walked through.

Then there is the Snorks.

Just the thought of a whole world under water, yup totally cool. (remember I was young and lived a very sheltered life) All Star, Casey, Daphne and the whole gang. And seriously who doesn’t think having an octopus for a pet isn’t cool! Rock on Occy. Was this a very original idea, not really. Think of the Smurfs meet the Flintstones under water. But it had a fun idea, great colors and a happy ending every show. For little kids like me (back then, really I have grown up….some), that’s all that was needed to make us happy.

What I remember most though is Disney’s Gummi Bears…yes that iconic (in my mind) cartoon show that was based on a favorite kids candy the Gummi Bear.  So yes mom, I can play with my food and not get in trouble for it. Nah nah nah (now you must imagine the whole face, tongue sticking out and nose scrunched up).

To this day I can sing the theme song from The Gummi Bears.

Now you must all sing along! I am not joking…SING! Whew..sorry…got a little carried away there. Anyway, I always looked forward to each episode and being taken on a journey with Gruffi, Zummi, Grammi, Tubbi, Sunny, and Cubbi. You never knew what was going to happen but you could count on it involving a Bad Guy, such as Duke Igthorn,  trying to get the recipe for Gummi Berry Juice. And said juice being what helps the gang evade and beat the Bad Guy every time. To this day, the whole idea of Gummi Berry Juice is cool..who wouldn’t want to bounce around without the aid of a trampline?!

All of these cartoons were a dream come true to a little girl, who wanted every excuse she could get to NOT do any chores. I had my own fantasy worlds that I got to see every week. Were these the best cartoons out there when it comes to plot/graphics/art, etc. Probably not, but they were a perfect getaway for any little kid who wanted to escape reality for 30 minutes at a time.

Tell me what was your favorite escape cartoon growing up?




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  1. I had forgotten all about the Gummi Bears until I read this post. Now I remember I loved them. Probably not as much as He-Man and The Snorks though. Yes, I loved He-Man, boys’ cartoon or not. It’s a sword and magic thing for me. My eternal love affair with fantasy…

    1. Stay tuned for next week, Ciara. Natasha Larry will be reviewing the He-Man spin-off, She-Ra! 🙂

  2. Awesome guest post, Miranda. Thanks!

    For the record, whenever I drink a 5-Hour Energy, I imagine that it is Gummi Berry Juice (which is why I only buy the Berry flavored one). #nolie

  3. LOL @ Jeremy hadn’t thought of 5-hr energy like that…may have to invest in some now! Thanks for having me, I had a blast with it!

    Ciara, yup I didn’t care that He-Man was a “boys” cartoon either, it fulfilled my need of fantasy then too.

  4. I loved The Snorks, and I still know the words to the Gummi Bear theme song. I had the She-Ra action figures, too. Great post!

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