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Jan 23

New Project – Toonopolis Pixel Art Comic

So I’ve always wanted to do a webcomic. It’s true. In fact, Toonopolis: Gemini was originally supposed to be a comic or graphic novel or something along those lines. Going back to when I was in college in two-thousand *cough cough cough*, I’ve wished I could work on a comic. The problem is I can’t …

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Mar 22

Of Remakes, Reboots, and Retcons. TMNT = TANT?

It’s been a while since I properly did a blog post. I was overwhelmed by maintaining the cartoon reviews, although I still intend to get that going again. If anyone wants to guest review something (either current or classic) please give me a holler through the Contact Form! A few days ago, I was reading …

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Jan 02

Toonopolis, The Blog – Relaunch & New Format

Hello there! To those of you that were sad at Toonopolis, The Blog going on hiatus in November (yes, both of you!), fear not! I promised an update in the new year and have a plan to allow this site to build great content while not stretching myself too thin! First, you will notice that …

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Nov 23

X-Men: The Animated Series (A Review)

Today’s Old School Wednesday Review is from Nelson. Nelson is a geek and a gamer.  Early on, he was hooked with cartoons and Intellivision, but it wasn’t long before he found the gateway drugs of comic books and the NES.  He spent most of his life just building up his geek resume with each successive …

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Nov 19

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (A Review)

In week one of Super Hero Month, I reviewed a DC show.  In week two of Super Hero Month, I reviewed a Marvel show.  This week… I review a show by Man of Action.  Who is Man of Action?  Why, the amazing team behind a show I’ve reviewed in the past (Generator Rex) and the …

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Nov 16

Earthworm Jim (A Review)

Today’s Old School Wednesday Review is from Luke. Luke Johnson knows a thing or two about cartoons. He also knows that many things about superheroes, and is a published author because of it. You can find his short story, “The Last Laugh” in the anthology Powers, available at Amazon. * * * * * * …

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Nov 12

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (A Review)

Today we continue Super Hero Month on Toonopolis, The Blog and switch from a DC property to a Marvel property.  This week, I am going to review Iron Man: Armored Adventures. As I said last week with Young Justice, I am attempting to review these comic book cartoons this month without looking at them in …

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Nov 09

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (A Review)

Today’s Old School Wednesday Review is from Jeremy. Jeremy Rodden is a stay-at-home dad and author of the Toonopolis Files series of cartoon novels.  He considers C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll his biggest influences as a writer and hopes to create a lasting, fun world that all ages can enjoy.  You can follow him on …

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Nov 05

Young Justice (A Review)

Now that All Request month is over, November brings us to Super Hero Month! I had been previously avoiding super hero cartoons because I just felt overwhelmed by the influx of them in the past few years.  Now it’s time to check out some of them and see if they’re any good.  This week, I’m …

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Nov 02

Robotech (A Review)

Today’s Old School Wednesday Review comes from Alix! Alix Cameron is an erotic romance writer who also works in Communications strategy and developement for Multi Player on-line role playing games.  Living in Melbourne Australia, with her two ginger Ninjas, 2 ginger cats and a black greyhound, she is currently writing and researching an erotic novel …

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