Toonopolis, The Blog – Relaunch & New Format

Hello there!

To those of you that were sad at Toonopolis, The Blog going on hiatus in November (yes, both of you!), fear not! I promised an update in the new year and have a plan to allow this site to build great content while not stretching myself too thin!

First, you will notice that I have moved any and all mention (aside from the Amazon links to the right) of my books and reviews and such over to my publishing company’s new site (  This will allow this site to focus more specifically on being my personal author/cartoon blog site.  Anything related to the publishing side of my business will now be found at the other site and this one will be more personal.

I felt it was important to separate my personal and business sites with their own blogs, to make it easier for people to enjoy this site without feeling like it only exists to sell my books (which is only partially true ;P).

That being said, the change in format to the site is thus: there will no longer be regular weekly updates on Wednesday or Saturday.  Instead, I will set up an open-forum policy for anyone who wants to review cartoons to send me guest posts and I will post my own whenever I have time or am inspired to do so.  This lack of regular schedule will allow me to not strain myself too much trying to keep up the content like I did last year.

I also previously tried to limit people so that I could have different authors do different posts.  No more!  If you want to post a review every week, you can do so.  Just contact me and let me know what you want to do.

It is important that anyone who wants to follow the blog sign up to the email list (Subscribe to Toonopolis, The Blog by Email) so you get the updates when they happen instead of just coming back and checking every week.

Thanks for the patience and I look forward to a fun 2012 of continuing to post high quality reviews of old school and current cartoons as well as update people on my progress with writing my Toonopolis books, my forthcoming War of the Forgotten (adult urban fantasy) series, and any other writing projects throughout the year.  Huzzah to a new year!



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