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Mar 12

Barry and the Chronicles by Alun Davies, Books for Boys Review

Introduction Title: Barry and the Chronicles Author: Alun Davies Genre: Fantasy, Fable Release Date: January 29, 2018 Synopsis (from the Publisher): Barry encounters an evil force of Witches intent on capturing the minds of young children with a view to making themselves more and more powerful. Barry finds other Spiders along the way to help …

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Dec 11

How To Be A Supervillain by Michael Fry, Books For Boys Review

Introduction Title: How To Be A Supervillian Author & Illustrator: Michael Fry Genre: Fantasy Release Date: October 1, 2007 Synopsis (from Amazon): Victor Spoil comes from a long line of famous supervillains and he’s fully expected to join their ranks one day. But to his family’s utter disappointment, Victor doesn’t have a single bad-guy bone …

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Sep 04

Nate Rocks The World (Nate Rocks #1) by Karen Pokras Toz, Books for Boys Review

Introduction Title: Nate Rocks The World (Nate Rocks #1) Author: Karen Pokras Toz Genre: Literary Fiction Release Date: July 20, 2011 Synopsis (from Amazon): Ten-year-old Nathan Rockledge cannot catch a break. After all, life as a fourth-grader can be hazardous what with science projects to deal with and recess football games to avoid. Everyone, including …

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Aug 21

Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl #1) by Eoin Colfer, Books for Boys Review

Introduction Title: Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl #1) Author: Eoin Colfer Genre: Urban Fantasy Release Date: April 26, 2001 Synopsis (from Amazon): Twelve-year-old Artemis Fowl is a millionaire, a genius-and, above all, a criminal mastermind. But even Artemis doesn’t know what he’s taken on when he kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. …

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Aug 07

A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet #1) by Madeleine L’Engle, Books for Boys Review

Introduction Title: A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet #1) Author: Madeleine L’Engle Genre: Science Fiction Release Date: 1963 Synopsis (from Amazon): It was a dark and stormy night; Meg Murry, her small brother Charles Wallace, and her mother had come down to the kitchen for a midnight snack when they were upset by the arrival …

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Jul 24

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman, Books for Boys Review

Introduction Title: Odd and the Frost Giants Author: Neil Gaiman Illustrator: Chris Riddell Genre: Fantasy, Mythology Release Date: October 4, 2016 Synopsis (from Amazon): Written by New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman and illustrated by UK Laureate Chris Riddell, this new edition of the thrilling, wintry Nordic tale weaves a truly magical story of legend and …

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May 15

Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, Books for Boys Review

Introduction Title: Dear Mr. Henshaw Author: Beverly Cleary Genre: Literary Fiction/Epistolary Release Date: August 1983 Synopsis (from Amazon): Beverly Cleary’s timeless Newbery Medal-winning book explores difficult topics like divorce, insecurity, and bullying through the thoughts and emotions of a sixth-grade boy as he writes to his favorite author, Boyd Henshaw. After his parents separate, Leigh …

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