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Jan 17

Listening to Green Day and Realizing They’re Old Like Me

Share:So a funny thing happened the other day. I purchased tickets to the upcoming Green Day concert near me for my 11 year old son and I. He has been enjoying listening to Punk Pop bands (started with Fall Out Boy and started working into ‘older’ material) so it’s been awesome introducing him to some …

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Dec 26

My son and I shipping King Midas and Medusa


Share:So earlier today my 11yo son and I were in the car together on a long road trip for the holidays. The following conversation in transcribed to the best of my ability: 11yo: If King Midas and Medusa had a child, would the child be able to look at you and turn you to gold …

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Dec 03

Writing In Life’s Margins

Share:When I last wrote on my blog, I talked about how the election of Donald Trump helped me end my imposter syndrome. Since then, I’ve continued to feel way more confident about who I am as a writer and continued getting back to work on the second book in the Toonopolis Files series. Of course, …

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Aug 31

My Kindergartner Brings A Book Home And It Makes Me Angry (With Pictures!)

Share:My five year old came home from his first week of kindergarten last week ecstatic. Amongst all the new changes and new excitements in his life, he could not wait to tell me about the big room with lots of books. “And I got to take books home with me!” Now, having a fifth grader …

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Nov 07

The Myth of Mr. Mom Update & Cover Reveal

Share:For those who pay attention to me (I’m looking at you, mother), you’ll recall that I put out an open submission for essays by fellow stay-at-home fathers a little over a month ago for a collaborative non-fiction essay book that I would be publishing called The Myth of Mr. Mom. I am very happy to …

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Oct 06

Hey Stay-At-Home Dads: Wanna Be Published?

Share:Yeah, that’s right! Are you a stay-at-home dad/househusband/homemaker/Mr. Mom (I hate that last epithet, by the way)?  I am currently seeking contributors to a non-fiction essay anthology that will hopefully be published in early to mid December through my publishing company, Portmanteau Press LLC. The anthology will be entitled The Myth of Mr. Mom and …

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Jul 27

My 6 Year Old Evil Genie

Share:More and more frequently, I am realizing that dealing with my six year old son is like dealing with an evil genie.  Either that, or his level of sarcastic smartassery has already made it to my level.  I am not entirely sure which one is scarier. An example–Parental Rule: “No feet on the new couch.” …

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Jun 23

It’s Not Babysitting–It’s My Kids

Share:It’s tough breaking expected gender roles.  In my house, I am the stay-at-home and my wife is a doctor.  My boys are growing up expecting Dad to be the one to dress them for school, feed them, get them ready for bed, and all of the other expected ‘mommy’ roles.  Often, I find myself in …

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Jun 07

Darkness Can’t Be Invisible, Wall Street Journal

Share:A lot of the young adult community (authors, readers, publishers, even teachers and librarians) have been up in arms defending Young Adult literature after the Wall Street Journal posted a scathing article by critic Meghan Cox Gurdon (read it here).  She claimed that the content of Young Adult literature was too dark and that it …

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Jun 03

Content Ratings on Books? George Orwell’s Worst Nightmare.

Share:While perusing the forums over on, I came across a discussion labeled: “Should there be content ratings on Amazon?” (here)  I immediately cringed before I even clicked on the link.  Visions of 1984 began running through my mind.  My first response to this was: who would be responsible for the ratings? If you read …

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