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Writing In Life’s Margins

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestWhen I last wrote on my blog, I talked about how the election of Donald Trump helped me end my imposter syndrome. Since then, I’ve continued to feel way more confident about who I am as a writer and continued getting back to work on the second book in the Toonopolis Files series. Of course, …

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How Donald Trump Helped End My Imposter Syndrome

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestSo I have to admit that I’ve been struggling these past few years to really get my bearings back under me as a writer. Even on my blog here I’ve had numerous false starts. Such as this one back in March of 2015 or my memorial of my best friend in July of 2015. A …

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My Kindergartner Brings A Book Home And It Makes Me Angry (With Pictures!)

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestMy five year old came home from his first week of kindergarten last week ecstatic. Amongst all the new changes and new excitements in his life, he could not wait to tell me about the big room with lots of books. “And I got to take books home with me!” Now, having a fifth grader …

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The Myth of Mr. Mom Update & Cover Reveal

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestFor those who pay attention to me (I’m looking at you, mother), you’ll recall that I put out an open submission for essays by fellow stay-at-home fathers a little over a month ago for a collaborative non-fiction essay book that I would be publishing called The Myth of Mr. Mom. I am very happy to …

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Hey Stay-At-Home Dads: Wanna Be Published?

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestYeah, that’s right! Are you a stay-at-home dad/househusband/homemaker/Mr. Mom (I hate that last epithet, by the way)?  I am currently seeking contributors to a non-fiction essay anthology that will hopefully be published in early to mid December through my publishing company, Portmanteau Press LLC. The anthology will be entitled The Myth of Mr. Mom and …

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It’s Not Babysitting–It’s My Kids

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestIt’s tough breaking expected gender roles.  In my house, I am the stay-at-home and my wife is a doctor.  My boys are growing up expecting Dad to be the one to dress them for school, feed them, get them ready for bed, and all of the other expected ‘mommy’ roles.  Often, I find myself in …

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