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Tidewater Comicon 2019 Roundup Post (complete with sales data)

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestI’ve begun being a little more open in some of the indie author circles on Facebook and other social media in regards to how much of a grind it is to be an indie artist (be it creative or performing). I figured now was as good a time as any to put some actual hard …

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Promotions and giveaways – Fellowship of Fantasy & SFF Book Bonanza!

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestA quick update to say hello peoples and share a few promotions I’m involved in this week with some of my indie author friends at two different locations! First up, the Fellowship of Fantasy is doing a giveaway to celebrate their newly released anthology of fantasy short stories (I don’t have a piece in the …

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The Myth of Mr. Mom Update & Cover Reveal

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestFor those who pay attention to me (I’m looking at you, mother), you’ll recall that I put out an open submission for essays by fellow stay-at-home fathers a little over a month ago for a collaborative non-fiction essay book that I would be publishing called The Myth of Mr. Mom. I am very happy to …

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Bestseller For A Day – Dollars & Sense

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestWhen I talk to people about the modicum of success I have had as an indie published author, they often ask me about the hardest part of the process.  The writing?  Nah, I’m pretty good at that.  The publishing?   That took a lot of work and research but I was able to figure it …

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