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Tidewater Comicon 2019 Roundup Post (complete with sales data)

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestI’ve begun being a little more open in some of the indie author circles on Facebook and other social media in regards to how much of a grind it is to be an indie artist (be it creative or performing). I figured now was as good a time as any to put some actual hard …

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Having offered an Uber driver $200, I now understand the mom from Home Alone better (an AwesomeCon Story).

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestYesterday I tried to talk an Uber driver into taking $200 to drive me from Washington, DC to Norfolk, VA because I had a family emergency. Along the way, I got a better understanding for the stress and sense of urgency displayed by the mom from Home Alone when she was in a similar situation. …

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MarsCon 2019 Roundup Post

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestSo this morning I woke up after a really fun weekend in Williamsburg, VA attending my first ever fantasy/scifi convention as an author: MarsCon 2019. Actually, it was my first one ever! After spending the first 7 years of my author career staying behind the keyboard, I started getting out last year for the first …

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Elementary School Kids Rock

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestAbout an hour ago, I finished my second of two speaking appearances at elementary schools.  Yesterday, I spoke to a group of fourth graders and today to a group of third graders.  First, I spoke to them about the writing process (Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Proofreading, and Publishing) and engaging them in an activity that I …

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Elementary School Visit

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestTitle: Elementary School Visit Location: Cooperstown Elementary School Description: Jeremy will be visiting a language arts class at Cooperstown Elementary School to discuss the process of writing, revision, and publishing with students. It is sure to be a fun time! Obviously, this is not a public event. Date: 2011-06-13

Signing/Reading/Etc @ Earth 383

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestTitle: Signing/Reading/Etc @ Earth 383 Location: Earth 383 Comics & Games Link out: Earth 383 Comics & Games Description: Jeremy will be at Earth 383 Comics & Games located at 113 North Water St, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 for a book signing/reading/Q&A or whatever else happens to come up. He has stated that he will …

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Appearances Upcoming & Preordering Gemini.

Share:FacebookTwitteremailTumblrPinterestI knew May was going to be a busy month, but I didn’t realize how fast it was going to hit me.  All of the ducks are lined up and everything is set for the May 30th release of Toonopolis: Gemini.  If you would like to preorder either the hardcover or paperback versions, you can …

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