Toonopolis Pokemon Go Pop Culture Giveaway!

tl;dr: Guess the pop culture references for my Pokemon from Pokemon Go below! Enter to win a $5 Amazon Giftcard! Entry options below!

Long Version: I’m a big geek and I wanted to play a game using my Pokemon. When I write Toonopolis stories, I make a lot of pop culture references (those of us ‘in the business’ as well as your high school English teacher call these allusions). I often name my Pokemon with similar references.

After you play the game (or honestly, you can just skip it by answering the first question below) you can gain additional entries for the gift card by visiting me on social media or checking out my books on Amazon! 🙂

If you need a template, you can copy/paste this below for your guesses:

1.) Homer (Slaking):
2.) Drake (Dragonite): [free space, this is my son’s name]
3.) Kaiju (Tyrannitar):
4.) Xavier (Metagross):
5.) Amelia (Salamence):
6.) Underminder (Rhyperior):
7:) Jonah Hex (Melmetal):
8.) Grimlock (Groudon):
9.) The Brain (Mewtwo):
10.) Sadness (Gyarados): [free space, this really isn’t a reference to anything]
11.) Zuul (Heatran):
12.) Clifford (Arcanine):

Toonopolis Pokemon Go Pop Culture Giveaway




    • Calvin Strittmatter-Diaz on February 1, 2019 at 4:50 pm
    • Reply

    Homer: Homer Simpson from the Simpsons
    Kaiju: a large creature/beast like Godzilla and mothra
    Xavier: Dr. Xavier from X-Men
    Amelia: Amelia Earhart (forgot how to spell)
    Underminer: Underminer from Incredibles
    The Brain: Pinky and The Brain
    Clifford: The big red dog.

    1. Well done on all but Amelia. That one’s a little more obscure of a reference but it’s one of my favorite fantasy book series about dragons. 🙂

  1. Great work!

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