Misanthrope Beechworth & The Dustwaste Wellspring Available Now!

Just a quick post to celebrate that the second Tales from Toonopolis novella, Misanthrope Beechworth & The Dustwaste Wellspring is now available on Amazon! For those of you that prefer books in print, fear not… the first Tales from Toonopolis collection of short stories & novellas is in production, including this story as well as the never-before-in-print Anchihiiroo – Origin of an Antihero. Stay tuned for deails! 🙂

Synopsis: In Toonopolis: Chi Lin, we meet Misanthrope “Missy” Beechworth, the leader of the Royal Order of Scavengers & Engineers (ROSE). In this novella, learn how a simple toymaker’s daughter began her surprising journey to the top of ROSE. Along with her best friend Rube Silverburg and snobby noble Heinrich von Deutsch, Missy turns a run-of-the-mill scavenging mission into Steamport’s biggest adventure since The Indefatigable went down in the Dustwaste Wellspring a decade earlier.



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