LitRing Facebook Hop (take two) Pirates vs. Cowboys – Free eBook & Prizes!

Just a short update about a fun promotion I’m doing this week. For the next week, I will be participating in a Facebook Blog Hop with LitRing (I did this two months ago and it was so much fun). Last time, I was on Team Unicorn and lost to Team Dragon. This time, Team Pirate is gonna make Team Cowboy walk the plank! Here is some info from LitRing about the hop:

“Whether you ride the range or stalk the seas … we all have our little quirks. But there’s one really important thing I bet we all have in common: WE LOVE BOOKS! And you know what? Winning prizes rocks too. So, hey there, welcome to LitRing’s Pirates Vs. Cowboys Giveaway! We’ve assembled a team of 50 authors, brave enough to take a stance on such a divisive issue. What’s more, by picking sides and entering our giveaway, you could win prizes for yourself AND a pretty awesome promo pack for your fave author too!”

If you want to participate, head over to and join in on the fun!

Before you go, however, be sure to pop over to Amazon real quick because, as a way to entice people to join Team Ninja, I am offering the first Toonopolis novella, Anchihiiroo – Origin of an Antihero free for a limited time! Anchihiiroo is a Rogue toon from Animetown whose story begins during the destructive Ninja-Pirate War in Toonopolis. Learn his origin and get introduced to the Tooniverse through this novella for FREE.



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