Hurricane Irene from Chesapeake, VA

Figured I’d throw up a quick post here for those that haven’t been following me on Twitter or Facebook.  Being my first hurricane since I moved south from Philadelphia down to Chesapeake (close to the VA/NC border on the east coast), I started a video chronicle of how the hurricane was affecting us, especially since our house is on a lake down here.

My only other real experience with a hurricane in my life was in 1999 during Hurricane Floyd. I was living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  I remember being at work (I was a part-time employee at Best Buy and the store was closing).  I remember the management trying to get people to stay and help unload a truck shipment (aah, retail!).  We had some serious flooding in my hometown from a creek that flooded even in heavy rain.  Never before did I see the direct result of a hurricane before yesterday.

My first video was at around 9:30 AM.  The water levels were just getting to my fence.

Here is the fourth video I posted at about 12:00 noon.  You can see how fast the water in the lake was rising.

The ninth video I posted was from this morning and you can see the aftermath.  I feel fortunate that we never lost power and didn’t have any severe damage.  I have to repair the roof on my sons’ playset and replace an electrical outlet in my garage.  Aside from that, my family is safe, my home is fine, and we are okay.  I hope there are far more stories like mine than the few bad ones I’ve heard.

If you want to see the rest of my videos, I have them all posted on my YouTube page here:  One of them (number 4, I’m told) was shown on the local NBC affiliate (Wavy 10).  That’s cool. 🙂



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