May 25

Blog Tour de Troops/eBook Giveaways

I am proud to announce that I have signed up to be part of the Blog Tour de Troops, an Indie Book Collective event.  I am one of over 30 indie authors who will be giving away free copies of my eBook this Memorial Day weekend as a part of a four-day blog hop.  The best part?  To show appreciation to the men and women in our military, every free eBook won by participants will also go to one of our troops.

Here’s how it works.  On Friday, May 27th, the blog hop tour will start at event organizer Amber Scott‘s blog.  Then all of the blogs will be linked in a chain over the next four days.  All you have to do to earn a free copy of each author’s eBook is comment on the blog with your email address attached.  That’s it.  You get a copy of the book and one gets sent to the troops through a partner non-profit organization.  Done!

Oh, did I mention that every participant will also get entered into a drawing for a free Kindle?  On top of that, EACH blog you comment upon earns you an entry.  If you hit all 35 over the four days, that is 35 entries AND 35 free eBooks for you and our uniformed heroes overseas.  How awesome is this?

The Toonopolis blog is on the docket for Sunday, May 29th, but I strongly urge you to start with Amber’s blog from the beginning and make your way to each one to increase the effectiveness of this campaign.  Thanks and I will be back on Sunday for what I hope will be a great conversation here on my blog (here’s a hint, it may be themed around cartoons).