May 12

It Is Suddenly Real!

As I showed a picture of the proof copies of the books to my illustrator, Cami, her response was great: “This just became real somehow.”  I felt the same way yesterday when I finally had a printed copy of the book in my hands.  Lightning Source did a wonderful job on the printing and the pairing of two of the best women I know (Cami Woodruff-art/design, Jen Bruck-fonts/lettering) produced an awesome cover.

The proofs have been approved and now it is just a waiting game for when the distributors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) have the information updated on their websites.  Depending upon how quickly they get the information, preording may be available.  I will definitely keep people posted (most likely through the Toonopolis Files Facebook Page).  Here are a few pictures of both the paperback and hardcover copies of the book:

Toonopolis File Print Sample Images

As always, any comments either here or on the Facebook page are much appreciated.  Thanks.

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