Phone Detox – A Public Experiment (Week 1 Results)

Last week I started my phone detox and decided to track the data publicly as a form of accountability. Here’s last week’s post:

As it’s been one week since I started, I figured I’d share how it’s going for anyone following (but mostly for myself).

As a reminder, this was my data using the iOS Screentime calculations from the 6 days prior to my focus on phone detoxing:

As I said last week, if you subtract the data from Sunday and just do the previous 6 days, I had my screen open about 7.6 HOURS PER DAY. Which is insane.

I did much better that first day, but let’s look and see how I did for the duration of the week:

Well then, I shaved off my screentime by about four hours PER DAY in my first full week of fully paying attention to this problem with data tracking. The biggest key here is the amount of wasted time with Facebook. I went from nearly 9 hours (1.5 hours per day) on Facebook (remember, only dividing by 6 for that data) to just 1.5 hours for the entire week! (or just 13 minutes per day). As I said after Day 1, the best part is that I didn’t really feel like I missed out on anything.

You’ll notice a huge spike in Pokemon Go playtime on Monday. Well, you can blame really bad RNG trying to get a Smeargle to spawn with the new photo feature (seriously, I spend like 3 hours while watching Umbrella Academy with my wife just taking pictures and not getting one to spawn). You’ll also see I have not really cut down much on Pokemon Go time, but that’s okay. It’s pretty much the only game I play anymore so I’m not worried about that.

The other thing I did later in the week was cut down on notifications from Messenger. I directed friends to move to regular text messages and only put on “badge” notifications for messenger (a lot of it was idle chat, fellow authors discussing projects, local Pokemon Go related chatter, etc. – ultimately, nothing really time-sensitive that needed immediate notification).

I notice I still pick up my phone a lot (80 times per day) but it was clearly for either Pokemon playing or direct communication (mostly text messages). Facebook fell drastically. All in all, I think my results are positive and I look forward to continuing to work on it. If you look at my Goodreads page (, you’ll also see a huge uptick in books completed last week. This is not a coincidence! 😀 #PhoneDetoxFTW




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