Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt, Blog Tour!

Note: This is an informational post about a fairly recently released book by British author Anton Marks (writing this series as Anthony Hewitt). I did not personally have a chance to read the story due to life, but wanted to share the book with my blog readers as it sounds like a fun afrofuturistic story! Info below:

When a secret world of ancient alien kingdoms and evil corporation’s clashes with adolescents,
school, and homework. You won’tt be able to put down this wild adventure of discovery, friendship,
and coming of age!

What would you do if you discovered you were descended from ancient alien African royalty and
you could hold the key to save your friends, family, and the world from evil destructive forces?
Joshua N’Gon seemed like an ordinary boy. Raised in a loving foster home in north London and a
gifted student at the St Augustine private school. But as he grew older, a thirst for meaning and true
purpose began to grow greater and greater…

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

On Joshua’s tenth birthday he received mysterious packages from his birth parents. Parents who had
left him as a baby under mysterious circumstances. Opening the packages, he would find gifts that
would forever change him both mentally and physically. Magical technology unlike anything he had
ever seen and the best part, only he could use it. But his secrets would not stay that way for long.

Evil forces were gathering and they would stop at nothing to acquire the powerful science behind his
amazing inventions.

With the help of his two best friends, Brick and Mina, Joshua sets out to develop his abilities, find his
real parents and stop the Technology Billionaire Kanu Umbekwi from subjugating the planet.
Buckle up and get ready to go on an exciting thrill ride, full of suspense, mystery, and alien
technology with Joshua N’Gon: The Last Prince of Alkebulahn.

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