Felicia Day & The Guild give Geeks A New Anti-Bullying Anthem!

So yesterday, a new song (I’m The One That’s Cool) was released yesterday by the awesome crew over at The Guild. This is their third song/music video release (the first being a pop-dance song by Felicia Day, the second a bollywood-style Indian number by Sandeep Parikh).

Both of their first songs were in line with their roots working on The Guild webshow, a self-deprecating jab at themselves and other MMO gamers. This most recent song is different, though, and has a lot more to say about culture. It’s amazing how much a simple song by a group of actors/comedians can shine light on interesting trends in popular culture.

Here’s the video. Watch and listen. More of my thoughts afterward:

At first, I was just enjoying the song (it has a Foster The People/OK Go type of new-indie rock sound), but listening to the lyrics made me think about what it really says. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook and whatnots, and I see a lot of people putting “geek” into their bios. It is becoming a type of badge of honor and something that people WANT to be.

As a lifelong geek, I am happy to see this. It’s great that “geek’s becoming chic” as Felicia Day says in the lyrics, but I do feel a bit hipster in that I was geek way before it was cool. I know plenty of people were treated the way The Guild cast were treated in the video for being geeks.

Reading the YouTube comments section led me to look at the aspects of bullying that are shown in the video. I was never bullied myself (I had two older brothers who were the opposite of geeks), but it happened a lot in school. I think this video is awesome and can serve as the Geek version of the It Gets Better project aimed at letting gay and lesbian teens know that they can make it through the bullying and become the cool ones.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into it, but bullying anyone for any reason is not cool. A lot of national attention is being brought to the bullying of gays and lesbians, but maybe this video can help to extend it to other fringe cultures as well (Geeks being one of them).

So don’t worry, geeks. Don’t let the asshat jocks and prom queen b**ches keep you down. You’re the one that’s cool. Anyone agree with me? 🙂




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  1. Totally agree. Found out about The Guild from a fellow Quill Bearer recently. Although I play the fence between jock and geek (some may say differently), I’m glad to see these over-arching contributors to the betterment of mankind getting a little of the respect they so richly deserve. Being brilliant doesn’t leave a lot of room for social skills, but, wouldn’t you know, they engineered a technology to help with that.

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