Baseball=Spring, Even If Nature Disagrees

As opening day for my beloved Philadelphia Phillies approaches, I can’t help but get excited.  The calendar may tell you that Spring began on March 20th but I say that it started yesterday afternoon when that first umpire yelled ‘Play Ball’.  Call me sentimental but my happiest childhood memories centered around playing baseball and watching baseball.  The expectations are high in my former hometown of Philadelphia and I can feel them even down here in Virginia.

Now that I have two boys, the oldest of which is right on the cusp of potentially starting sports, I can’t wait to pass on my enthusiasm for the sport.  I overextended last year when I tried to get my five year old to play fall T-ball when he just wasn’t ready for it yet.  I am hoping that he is ready this year because he loves watching the games with me.  The only real regret I have about moving away from our house in South Philly is that it that fell in the shadow of Citizen’s Bank Park.

With no pro sports down here in Southeastern Virginia, I have to pretend I’m looking forward to taking my son to some Norfolk Tides (a Baltimore Oriels AAA affiliate) games.  Either way, the time has come for baseball and that means Spring has officially begun.  I don’t care that it’s snowing in Northeastern US right now because when the National Anthem is over and the man behind the plate signals for the first pitch… it is spring.



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