Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales

Title: Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales
Series: Fellowship of Fantasy Anthologies #5
Published by: Fellowship Of Fantasy
Release Date: October 9, 2018
Contributors: Jeremy Rodden, H. L. Burke, Jenelle Leanne Schmidt, Ace G. Pilkington, Savannah Jezowski, A. J. Bakke, Janeen Ippolito, Rachel Ann Michael Harris, J. L. Rowan, Sharon Hughson, Naomi P. Cohen, Laura L. Zimmerman, Lelia Rose Foreman, Grace Bridges, Pamela Sharp, Karin De Havin
Genre: ,
Pages: 245

There's just something magical about cats.

Fierce hunters content to rest upon our sofas. Sweet friends but stubbornly independent. Fluffy little murder balls with jellybean toes and razor-sharp claws. It's easier to answer what cats aren't than what they are.

In this purr-fect collection, awesome authors pounce upon the challenge of the mysterious cat like the elusive little red dot it is. Curl up with sixteen stories all featuring our furry, frisky, fabulous feline friends. Inside, you'll find adorable house cats, majestic big cats, and imperious cat-dragons. You'll meet cats who are their owners' protectors, who help them find true love, and who tackle the challenges of caring for their clumsy human companions in hilarious, heartwarming, and harrowing ways. 

This fifth anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy features new and returning authors, dedicated to giving you the best in cat-related fantasy fiction.

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